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Create Your Own Enchanted

Natural Perfumes

Discover how to easy it is to get started creating your own signature natural perfume oils infused with inspired energy and magical intent.

He told me I smelled like Heaven

I was standing in line at the grocery store when a stranger behind me said, "Excuse me, I just have to say - I don't know what you're wearing, but you smell like heaven!"

I thanked him and then he asked where he could buy the fragrance I was wearing for his wife. He was surprised when I told him I'd made it myself and handed him a business card that directed him to my online shop to make a purchase.

What if you could turn heads (and noses!) with exclusive signature scents that not only smell amazing but are infused with inspired energy and magical intent.... that you created yourself?

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Let Me Ask You...

Do you love natural perfumes?

Do the ideas of enchanted oils and magical "potions" pique your curiosity.... even if secretly? (Shhhh! I won't tell!).

Or maybe you're fascinated by the world of mystical arts with a curiosity about the properties of natural botanical essences and how to work with them in an intentional and magical context.

If any of the above is true, you may have some essential oils, but maybe you aren't sure what to do with them other than diffusing them in your home.

I was once obsessed with essential oils and other botanical essences, with an intense curiosity about their magical correspondences and mystical properties and how to best work with them, but I wasn't sure where to start learning.

Sure, there was (and still is!) a lot of information available about essential oils, their properties, and their mundane uses, but I wanted to understand them in a magical context.

What magical correspondence properties did they each have?

Could I mix combinations of them to create blends for specific purposes?

If so, which ones, how much of each, and how could I know which ones might also smell nice together without wasting essences on experiemental blends?

What about safety concerns? Could I put them on my skin?

Did I need to mix them in some kind of a base? Should it be oil or alcohol?

What about containers? What kind of bottles should I put them in if I blended essences?

There was so much information out there, and I didn't know where to start. I waded through many pages of search engine results, questionable blog posts, and a giant stack of books.

That was the beginning of my journey into magical perfumery.

Now, I run my own successful indie perfume brand and have been for the last 15 years.

Creating fragrances of all types is what I do for my day job, including natural perfume oils created with magical intent in mind.

I create them for myself, friends, and family, and in the past have created custom magical blends for clients.

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If you'd like an easy way to learn how to create magical perfume oils from botanical essences without wading through a million pages of information online, I can help.

Are you looking for love? Clarity? Peace? Focus?

Blending natural botanical essences based on property correspondences and infusing them with focused intent can help you achieve the desired outcome.

Let me show you how easy it is to get started.

Welcome to Your Magical Primer... a Guidebook with Field Notes For Your Journey

You can follow along with me as I create an enchanted formula for grounding and tranquility, follow simple step-by-step recipes, or create your own signature enchanted blends from scratch.

I wrote Enchanted Alchemy: The Magic of Blending Natural Perfume Oils for Personal Power as a primer for the absolute beginner to help simplify the process of blending natural essences into beautiful perfume oils with a magical purpose.

In this 53-page ebook, you'll learn the basics of:

The Connection Between Scent & Emotion

The Emotional Healing Power of Natural Botanicals (& our instinctual understanding of this!)

Planning a Magical Perfume Oil Based on Intent

Magical & Elemental Correspondences (& my favorite resource for them!)

The Necessary Tools to Get Started

Setting up Your Workspace Efficiently

Enchanting Your New Perfume Oil

Safety Considerations

..... and more

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A peek at just a few of the pages from inside Enchanted Alchemy:

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Resources & Bonuses

In addition to the training in this digital download ebook, you'll find a Resources & Bonuses section with the following:

My Favorite Sources for Natural Essences & My Favorite Essences from Each

A Basic List of Suggested Natural Essences to Get Started With

A Second List of Suggested Natural Essences to Build Out Your Blending Options

My Favorite Sources for Professional Perfumer's Materials

Suggested Sources for Bottles

A List of Some of My Favorite Books on Essential Oils, Botanical Magic, & Magical Natural Perfumery

A Set of Formulation Journal Page Templates I Created That You Can Print & Use In Planning Your Blends

A Note About the Use of Synthetic Fragrance Oils in Magical Blends

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Hi, I'm Katina

I've been an indie perfumer since 2008, with clients all around the world.

More recently, I'm the typing fingers behind Mystical Seekers Society, a blog and community I continue to build as a resource for the mystically curious, would-be spiritual seekers, magic makers, and dabblers in all things mystical and mysterious.

I love to read tarot, stargaze, dream big, and talk some good-natured smack with friends, all while sipping Scotch on the back deck. If that sounds like your idea of a good time, I’d love to be a part of your journey.

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